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Timekeeper, Drummer, Engineer


From the age of 9, I've enjoyed playing in a wide variety of genres from Funk to Progressive Rock and Metal. Starting with classical training in Chamber Orchestra Groups, to school Jazz and Marching bands, I've continued to maintain a diverse skill-set in order to push my abilities to new levels each year.

I am currently playing with both full-time groups around the SF Bay Area as well as one-off projects. I frequently record session tracks with various independent musicians in Bay Area and online, and am always searching for new collaborations.

Some basic info about my playing:​

  • Accurate and solid tempo control

  • Styles: Rock/Metal, Prog, Pop/Top40, Funk, Blues

  • Sight-reading / charting

  • Double-kick

  • Click and Backing Track accompanyment live

  • Odd Time signatures

  • Live triggering of pads/samples/tracks with augmented E-drums and VST (BFD/SD)

  • Full recording facility (micing, tracking, mixing, mastering)

  • Live Sound (QSC Wireless Rig + Mics)




JD Drummer Reel

JD Drummer Reel

JD Drummer Reel
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Sunday Groove - 02/03/19

Sunday Groove - 02/03/19

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Tahoe Donner - Uptown Funk (Drum Cam)

Tahoe Donner - Uptown Funk (Drum Cam)

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Dens - Dress (Drum Cam)

Dens - Dress (Drum Cam)

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Shell Configuration 1

  • Mapex Saturn (Gen 3) Birch shells, Burst Red​

  • 22" Kick and selection of 10", 12", 14" and 16" Toms

  • Head Preferences: G1 Coated / G2 Clear

  • Good for Larger Shows / Venues, Excellent Shell Projection and Volume

Cymbals and Hardware

  • Selection of Paiste 2002 and Signature Series

  • Selection of K-Hybrid and Avedis Zildjians

  • All very Shiny

  • Trick Pro-1v Detonator Pedal (single or double)

  • Gibraltar Turning-point quick release cymbal stands

Shell Configuration 2

  • 2003 DW Collectors in Vintage Marine Pearl

  • 18" Kick with 12" and 14" Toms

  • Head Preferences: G1 Coated / Pin-stripes

  • Perfect for Trio/Jazz/Light settings where size and volume are restricted


  • QSC K-Sub + K-series tops

  • RME Interfaces: UFX+ and BabyFace

  • Custom-build 3U and 1U 'Drum-rigs', capable of running percussion, backing/click tracks and mixing FOH all in one

  • All Wireless Control from both iPhone and iPad



I offer in-person lessons for drummers in the San Francisco Bay area, or Skype/FaceTime lessons for remote individuals. My lessons are most suitable for players who practice regularly during the week.

Some areas I can cover:

  • Time, Tempo and Groove Development

  • Hand and Foot technique, injury prevention

  • Reading, Sight-reading and Charting

  • Double-kick speed and technique

  • Drum Tuning

  • Studio vs. Live development

Other basic info about my lessons:

  • Emphasis is always on having fun while drumming. After all, it is the best instrument!

  • Focus is around practical skill development, not theoretical.  

  • All lesson plans are tracked through shared a google-doc, making it easy to see which area to focus on each week

  • Lessons are priced at $60/45-minute in-person session, or $40 for Skype.



JD Drummer Live Performnce
Location: San Francisco, Bay Area
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